50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

anniversary image by Arpad Nagy-Bagoly from Fotolia.com

The 50th wedding anniversary is a major milestone event in a couple’s married life. This is the gold anniversary and the gift that you choose for your wife should commemorate this event with something special. Consider your wife’s taste and style when selecting the gift that you will present to her on your anniversary.

Gold Roses

Gold roses are real roses dipped in 24K gold to preserve the natural beauty forever. The roses are a perfect choice for a gold anniversary and your wife can put them on display to enjoy all year long. The artisan may dip the roses completely in gold or trim parts of the flower in gold. The flowers are preserved with a lacquer before dipping in gold.

Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is an appropriate gift for your wife on the milestone anniversary. The best way to find a piece of jewelry that you wife will appreciate is to look at the jewelry she wears regularly. Get a sense of your wife’s tastes before you head to the jewelry store to select a piece for your anniversary gift. A new setting for her engagement ring in yellow or white gold can be a meaningful 50th anniversary gift.

Wedding Photo Painting

An oil painting created from a wedding photograph is an ideal gift for a 50th anniversary gift for your wife. The wedding picture is a perfect way to show your wife how important that day was 50 years before. Frame the picture in gold to celebrate the big anniversary.

Anniversary Getaway

Planning an anniversary getaway with your wife is a romantic way to celebrate a 50th anniversary. You can plan a getaway to visit a city, see a show and explore museums or you can relax on the beach for a few days. A getaway is a wonderful way to spend time together on your special day.

Anniversary Party

An anniversary party to celebrate your 50th anniversary is a special surprise you can plan with other family and friends. Ask your children and other family members to help you arrange a location, decorations, food and music for a party that will commemorate your life together.