How to Polish a Dull Amber Ring

Olive Oil

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Amber, in technical terms, is a fossilized plant resin that takes millions of years to form. Because of its rarity, coupled with the way it preserves perfect specimens of ancient bugs and plant life, amber has been highly valued since prehistoric times. In fact, after being made into jewelry for nearly 3,000 years, it's still a popular "stone" to wear today. However, because amber is not truly a stone, it can easily be damaged. Take special care when caring for and cleaning amber jewelry.

Wet a soft, flannel cloth with lukewarm water. Gently wipe the surface of the amber to remove dust and sweat, which can cause the amber to look dull. Dry the amber with another soft cloth.

Pour a small amount of olive oil on the cloth, and rub the oil into the amber. This will help it shine. Use a clean, dry cloth to rub away any excess oil.

Store your ring in a flannel jewelry bag, so that it does not get scratched by other jewelry—and is not exposed to environmental dangers, such as hairspray or perfume.