How Long After a Sell-By Date Can You Use Sealed Brown Rice?

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Dry brown rice is known to spoil more easily than white rice, as its brown outer layer is more vulnerable to deterioration because of its natural oils and higher moisture content. With proper storage conditions, however, you can keep your brown rice in good condition and ensure that it is usable for up to 12 months beyond its original sell-by date.

Storage Basics

Keep rice dry and at a constant temperature to best maintain its shelf life. When stored at room temperature, the shelf life of a sealed bag of brown rice will exceed its sell-by date by six to eight months; store it in the refrigerator for eight to 12 months of storage beyond its sell-by date. Store brown rice in an airtight container once opened to prevent oxidation, which hastens spoilage. Discard any rice that appears oily or has a foul smell.