Does Rice Taste Different Depending on How You Cook It?

Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

There are as many ways to cook rice as there are types of rice to cook. Steaming, simmering and boiling are the most common ways to cook rice, all resulting in relatively the same flavor. However, there are other ways to cook rice, such as sauteing, that can alter the flavor of the finished product.

Cooking Rice

Rice must be cooked in some form of hot water to help soften the grains to a chewable texture. Methods that just rely on water, like steaming, boiling or simmering rice, infuse the rice with moisture and result in the same basic taste. However, lightly sauteing the rice before steaming it brings out the nutty flavor of the grain. Saute the rice in a little bit of oil over medium heat, stirring it as it cooks, until it becomes golden on the edges. Then, cook the rice as usual to soften it.