Traditional Portuguese Wedding Gifts

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For the newlywed couple who is passionate about Portuguese customs and culture, a generally traditional gift, such as cookware, that reflects Portuguese culture will certainly be cherished. Whether the couple is of Portuguese heritage or simply loves the culture and cuisine, they will really enjoy receiving gifts that represent that country's traditional wedding customs. Traditional Portuguese wedding gifts are meant to help a young married couple start a home together.


Follow the traditional Portuguese custom where the bride's shoe is passed among the guests at the wedding reception to collect gifts of money. The money is intended to help the bride and groom purchase and furnish a house, pay for a vacation, or to offset the expense of the wedding and reception.


These items are traditional gifts in most European cultures and are a general staple in most modern wedding registries. To emphasize Portuguese culture in the dinnerware, import the products from Portugal. One company that sells regionally hand-crafted Portuguese wares is Colors of Portugal (see Resources).


Cookware is another traditional gift for newlyweds. For Portuguese flair, consider giving the happy couple a Portuguese tangine, or a tall baking pot. These pieces of glazed and decorated ceramic cookware allow for traditional methods of Portuguese cooking.


Portugal is known for beautiful embroidery. Artisans in Portugal meticulously stitch intricate and delicate floral details on fine linen. They come in a variety of colors and traditional patterns. A gift of traditional hand-embroidered Portuguese table linens will be invaluable to the newlyweds.