What Are Appropriate Amish Wedding Gifts?

amish travel image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.com

Amish weddings are joyous occasions, like any other wedding, but custom deems extravagant gifts to be inappropriate. Wedding gifts for an Amish couple should be practical and useful, while still something that the couple can enjoy in their new home. An Amish couple will make a visiting tour as part of their honeymoon; this is the correct time to present the gifts to the new bride and groom.


A new kitchen is a difficult room to fill with needed items. Help the new couple by gifting them with a set of cast iron pots and pans, dishes that they can be used every day, or a good set of knives and a knife block.


Give the gift of bedding, such as plain white sheet sets. Towels for the home are appreciated as well. Make sure all linens are plain with no outward design. Plain blankets and pillows can be a welcome gift also.


Every Amish home needs a well-stocked pantry, so help the new couple by adding to theirs. Give a package with staple food items such as rice, beans, noodles, oats, flour, sugar, and oil. Canned goods are also welcome, and will do well to fill the pantry.


Tools and farm implements are useful gifts for the young couple. Most newlyweds do not have their own farm when they first get married, but they will buy or build one as soon as they can. They will need tools for home building and for running a farm when the home is finished.


Amish women make all their family's clothing, so appropriate fabrics can be a welcome gift choice. Cottons and wools in plain colors would be good choices. Yarn for knitting stockings can be added as a small extra gift. As with all the gifts, if you are unsure if a color or fabric is appropriate, ask a neighbor or friend. They will be glad to help you make the correct choices.