Ideas for a Welcome Wagon

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Welcome wagons greet newcomers as they settle into new neighborhoods. The person in charge of a welcome wagon visits new residents in the area, sharing advice and information about the community and a basket of small presents or supplies. Gift ideas for a welcome wagon range from baked goods to address books.

Say Hello

Introducing yourself is the simplest way to welcome newcomers. You could bring your kids along to meet new neighbors with children, or let the family know of other youths in the area close to their kids’ ages. Most people are open to meeting those in their neighborhood.


Make a casserole and double the recipe, using the extra meal as a housewarming gift. Your new neighbors can eat it for dinner while setting up their kitchen. Put it in a disposable aluminum tray for easy clean-up and they don’t have to worry about returning the dish.

Baked Goods

A box of brownies is a great way to break the ice. Other gift ideas include cookies, cupcakes, muffins, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake and pie. Your new neighbors will appreciate the time spent to welcome them to the neighborhood.

Address Book

Put a list of important local addresses and phone numbers in a folder or three-ring binder. You could include contact information for government offices, schools, doctors, hospitals, dry cleaners, baby sitters, taxi services, neighborhood yard services and handymen.

Welcome Kit

Include a welcome kit with a local map, basic restaurant and shopping guides, calendar of community events and a handwritten, personalized note. You could also provide garbage and recycling collection schedules as well as public transportation information.