How to Package Cupcakes for Shipping

The trick to shipping frosted cupcakes successfully is freezing them first, packing them securely and getting them to their destination quickly. You'll need cupcake containers, bubble wrap, two boxes, packing tape, disposable ice packs and an insulated bag.

Pack the Cupcakes

You have two options for packaging cupcakes for shipping:

  • Mason jars are sturdier and more environmentally friendly, but require the recipient to eat the cupcake with a spoon
  • Disposable plastic cupcake containers are more convenient since they can simply be recycled or thrown away, but they aren't as strong as jars. 

Wrap the containers in bubble wrap, then pack them into the smaller box and tape it closed.

Place the packed box into the insulated bag, then arrange ice packs around the box. Seal the bag and pack it into the larger box.

Fill in any gaps in the box with bubble wrap. The inner box should not be able to move, even if you shake or tip the larger box. If you hear the jars sliding or jostling, unpack the smaller box and add more padding.

Tape the box closed.

Ship them Overnight

Ship the package via next-day air. The longer the cupcakes are in transit, the more likely they are to arrive in less-than-perfect condition. This is especially important during the summer months, when they will remain cold for a shorter time.