Persian Wedding Gift Ideas

Persian weddings are ceremonies rich in color, flowers and cuisine. Selecting the perfect wedding gift to accompany such an event might include gifts that accent the wedding colors or allow the bride and groom to be pampered on their special day.

Persian Customs

One Persian wedding tradition is called the Sofreh-ye Aghd. This custom provides the bride and groom with offerings that are meant to protect and bless their marriage. A part of this custom is to adorn the bride and groom with different spices and herbs. A great compliment for this wedding tradition would be to give a gift of spice. One such gift is a Kamenstein Bamboo 20 Jar spice rack that comes with an array of spices.

Persian Cuisine

Help the bride and groom celebrate their union by giving them a chance to enjoy cooking meals together. "The Art of Persian Cooking" shows the couple that you are paying homage to their culture and suggesting an enjoyable activity for them to do together.

Persian Art

If the bride and groom are art collectors, they might enjoy having framed Persian art as their wedding gift. Many companies offer such prints and even custom frame your selection for you. The bride and groom can add the beautiful portrait to a space in their home that will remind them of their special day.

Persian Literature

A coffee table book is an ideal gift for a couple. Not only does it provide a conversation topic for the living room, it adds style to the decor. For a Persian wedding, you might give "Splendors of the Persian Empire," a book that illustrates the culture through photographs depicting the ancient era.


The bride and groom should have romantic moments and fond memories. Help them build on one by giving the gift of music. A selection of Persian classical music, such as "Sima Bina," will allow them to relax and enjoy the first days of their marriage together.