Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

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When choosing a gift for a couple, choose something that allows them to spend time together. You can be do this by creating a gift basket for them. Allowing you to choose items that can be used to inspire romance, either during an evening home alone or while they are enjoying a night out on the town. Preparing your own gift basket instead of purchasing a pre-made one makes the gift a lot more personal.

Romance Basket

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Include items to contribute to a romantic night at home like candles and bubble bath. If the couple enjoys wine, add a bottle of their favorite wine or a bottle of champagne for them to enjoy together. A gift certificate to a restaurant that they both enjoy would be an added bonus. They can either dine at the restaurant or pick up a meal from the restaurant and have a romantic meal away from the crowds. You could add a few risque gifts such as scented massage oils, an adult DVD or even edible underwear.

Breakfast Basket

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Create this breakfast basket using pastries to start the meal out. You could include the ingredients to make either pancakes or waffles. Don't forget either fresh fruit, canned fruit or syrup to top them with. For beverages, include a few small packs of different types of coffees and teas.

Weekend Away Basket

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Prepare a basket for a romantic weekend away from home. This basket could include a CD from their favorite musician to enjoy on the way to the location. Include a gift card to cover the cost of the fuel for the trip. Snacks for the car or the hotel such as cookies, candy and chips. Depending on how much you wish to spend on the gift basket you could also include a gift card to a restaurant at their destination or even a gift certificate covering the hotel costs for the weekend.

Meal In A Basket

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Present the couple with all the ingredients necessary to prepare a romantic meal at home. Include the seasonings for the meal, as well as the recipe for how to make it. They can enjoy making the meal together. If there are ingredients that may spoil, give a gift card to a local grocery store where they can purchase those ingredients. Add a bottle of wine and chocolates or another dessert they both enjoy.

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