Wedding Gifts From Parents of the Groom

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The parents of the groom have responsibilities of the wedding that include paying for the rehearsal dinner, boutonnieres, corsages and the groom's cake. Other items that the parents of the groom may pay for are the honeymoon and the reception's alcohol. An additional wedding gift from the parents of the groom is expected; however, no etiquette guidelines exist regarding the gift. The groom's parents may give a gift large or small, depending on their budget.


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Although money is very impersonal, it also has the most flexibility. The beginning couple may need the money to pay for expenses or save it for a down payment for a new home. A well-thought-out card with money inside is always welcome. The groom's parents should give a dollar amount they are comfortable with and should not place any restrictions on how the couple should use the money.

Gift Certificates

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If the honeymoon is to take place somewhere the parents of the groom are familiar with, they can purchase gift certificates for the couple to use on the honeymoon. The new couple will appreciate gift certificates for restaurants or spa treatments. The gift certificate should not be aimed at one person but the couple as a whole. For example, the gift certificate should be for horse-drawn carriage rides through the city instead of a sporting goods store.


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Give a gift that the new couple will treasured for a long time. This can be artwork or an amazing vase. Bottles of wine or scotch can be given to the couple with instructions only to be opened once they reach a certain anniversary, such as the 10th. The groom's parents can frame the wedding invitation and bring it to the reception to have family members and members of the wedding party sign it with their best wishes for the couple. If your family has heirlooms that they pass down generation to generation, this is the time to give the heirloom to your son.

First Night

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Purchase a hotel room for the first night the couple spends as husband and wife. Before setting a reservation, check with the parents of the bride to ensure that they have not already made arrangements. Make the reservation at a nice hotel or bed and breakfast that the couple will remember for the rest of their lives.