Traditional Gifts From the Mother of the Groom

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The mother of the groom plays an important role in supporting both the groom and the bride in their wedding decisions. One of the best gifts the mother of the groom can give the couple is to stay out of the planning and not to let her opinions influence the couple's special day. However, by tradition, the mother of the groom gives specific gifts to the couple, although these traditional gifts aren't as common as they once were.

The Rehearsal Dinner

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The rehearsal dinner is traditionally hosted and paid for by the mother and father of the groom. It's normally held the night before the wedding and is generally the biggest responsibility of the groom's parents. The mother of the groom should compile a guest list with the help of the couple, send out invitations, book a restaurant and pay for the meal. It's become more common for the mother of the groom to give a small gift to each guest at the rehearsal dinner, like a candle or box of mints, printed with the couple's name and wedding date. Place a gift at each table setting. The groom's parents normally give a short speech to welcome all guests to the dinner, setting the stage for the wedding the next day.

Wedding Day Transportation

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Typically, the groom's parents organize and pay for wedding day transportation. This includes getting the entire wedding party to and from the church or ceremony location and to the reception. It might also include a drive around town or a trip to get photographs after the ceremony and before the reception. The groom's parents usually hire a limousine, an old town car or a horse and carriage, depending on the distance that will be traveled as well as what the couple requests.

Officiant's Fees

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Traditionally, the mother and father of the groom pay for all officiant fees, including the cost of using the church or ceremony location, hiring a minister or officiant and filing for a marriage license. Fees often depend on the region, the day of the week, the season and the officiant's duties. Fees can range from $35 to $1,500. Many professional officiants are independent ministers who determine their own fees. Consult the officiant early so that he or she understands what you want and you are clear on what the cost will be.


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The mother and father of the groom typically pay for the newly married couple to go on a honeymoon. This includes transportation and accommodations, and may include spending money as well. In the past, the groom's parents would book the trip and the couple would have little say in where they went. Today, however, most couples book their honeymoon ahead of time or the groom books it as a surprise for the bride. Either way, the groom's parents often pay for the honeymoon.