Groom's family wedding etiquette

Image by, courtesy of Steve Jurvetson

Wedding planning is commonly dictated by rules of etiquette established over the years through various traditions. The groom's family is typically not very involved in the wedding planning, but it does traditionally follow some guidelines.

Groom's Parents gives a traditional list of responsibilities for the groom's parents when planning a wedding. After the engagement, the groom’s parents should invite the bride’s parents to a casual dinner. The groom’s parents should provide their family's guest list, hold the rehearsal dinner and make hotel reservations for their out-of-town guests.

Groom's Siblings

The groom’s siblings typically do not have any specific responsibilities, but even if they are not included in the wedding party, they should help out at the wedding reception whenever possible. For example, they can ensure that all wedding gifts are placed on the gift table, get drinks for the bride and groom throughout the party, or make sure that all wedding gifts and keepsakes are moved to the proper location after the reception.

Extended Family

Family members coming from out of town should stay at a hotel. The extended family should not expect to stay at the bride or groom’s house.

Financial Responsibility

Tradition dictates who pays for each part of the wedding, but modern brides and grooms may handle the expenses differently. Traditionally, however, says, the groom’s family takes financial responsibility for the rehearsal dinner, the groom’s cake and formal wear for the father of the groom.

Dress Etiquette

According to "The Knot," a wedding planning website, the mother of the groom should allow the bride's mother to purchase her dress for the wedding first. Then, the mother of the groom should select a dress in a similar style and complimentary color. The father of the groom should wear formal wear as dictated by the bride and groom. For an informal wedding, the groom's parents should simply wear attire similar to that of the bride's parents.