What Are the Duties of a Mistress of Ceremonies?

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A mistress of ceremonies is a woman, often a close friend or relative of the bride, who is asked to take care of the wedding day details. During the wedding reception, the mistress of ceremonies has several important duties.

Maintain Schedule

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The mistress of ceremonies is responsible for keeping the wedding reception on schedule. She will help the bride and groom arrive at the wedding reception on time and ensure that speeches stay within the allotted time frame.

Make Announcements

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This duty includes not only introducing the bride, groom and wedding party at the beginning of the reception, but also announcing the various parts of the reception, such as the first dance.

Promote Enjoyment

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The mistress of ceremonies can easily influence the overall environment and mood of the wedding reception. By helping guests feel comfortable, happy and connected, she can ensure that guests fully enjoy the wedding reception.

Be Prepared

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This might include handling medical emergencies, problems with equipment, inebriated guests or misplaced objects.

Ensure Couple's Happiness

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One of the most important duties of the mistress of ceremonies is to help the bride and groom enjoy their special day. The couple’s happiness should ultimately be the main focus for the mistress of ceremonies.