Church Chair Duties

Church chair duties include but are not limited to biblical duties, administrative duties, financial duties and coordinative duties. A church chair is an elected or appointed person holding the position of presidency on a church committee or board. The chosen church chair is expected to carry on all of these duties diligently and without any prejudice.

Biblical Duties

According to church doctrines, church chair duties should witness the faith of the church and biblical teachings. Biblical church chair duties include practicing the church principles, being a faithful spouse, being a good parent, offering counseling to needy church members and practicing transparency as a leader. After being elected by the church members or appointed by the clergy, the church chair is assigned all of these duties. If the chosen church chair goes against the set duties, then that is grounds for discharge. Church chair duties therefore entail a good reputation both in the church and the community.

Administrative Duties

Administrative duties should be focused on signing documents, planning, scheduling and chairing meetings. It is the church chair who decides on the venue, date and time of meetings. During meetings, the chair ensures that the alloted time is kept and can extend the time with due cause. The chair sees that members address one other with due respect and can appoint anyone to speak in an unbiased manner. It is wise for the chair not to force personal views onto others. Keeping a track of how the members attend meetings is expected of the church chair.

Financial Duties

The church chair's financial duties are very important. The chair should clarify any financial requirements needed for projects such as building, purchasing assets and charity work. This creates transparency among the chair, church members and donors. The church chair backs up signing of financial documents by the treasurer. The chair ensures that all financial documents are well-prepared and updated by the treasurer.

Coordinative Duties

Church chairs are responsible for arranging activities that involve the church with members of the community. Their public duties will entail mobilizing the church congregation to carry on charity work missions like community cleaning, supplying food to the hungry, visiting rehabilitation homes and the sick in hospitals. The church chair sees that all invitations by outside church partners are attended. In these external functions, the chair ensures that the church members attending maintain their church ethics for the sake of building stronger public relations.