Items to Discuss at a Safety Meeting

Image by, courtesy of Michael Hashizume

Safety meetings provide communication to employees and ensure that the safety plan is being implemented as designed. Safety meetings should be held at least once per month and have one management representative in attendance.

Review Documentation from the Last Meeting

Review health and safety inspection reports since the last meeting to help identify and correct safety hazards. Evaluate any accident investigations since the last meeting to ensure that any causes for the accident have been eliminated.

Safety Rules and Regulations

Is the proper equipment, such as hard hats, safety glasses, and work shoes, being worn by all applicable personnel?
Are work areas safe and clean? Are subcontractor personnel following safety procedures? Are they holding safety meetings in accordance with OSHA safety standards?
Is the ban on alcoholic beverages and controlled substances being followed?

Housekeeping and Sanitation

Is the workplace clean and neat? Is trash being disposed of according to schedule?
Are passageways, thoroughfares and walkways clear?
Is there adequate lighting inside and outside of the building, including parking lots?
Is there an adequate supply of clean and filtered drinking water? Are the sanitary facilities adequate and clean? Is the temperature within acceptable guidelines? Is there adequate ventilation in the workplace?

First Aid

Are first aid stations equipped with proper supplies and equipment? Are the expiration dates of the supplies contained within the first aid kits being checked periodically?
Has an employee been identified who is trained in first aid and CPR? Is the location of this employee posted in a prominent place?
Are injuries promptly reported and correctly logged?

Fire Protection

Are fire extinguishers properly charged and prominently identified?
Are “No Smoking” signs prominently posted? Are exit and evacuation routes prominently posted?
Are flammable and combustible materials stored properly and prominently labeled?

Drills and Practice

Are fire and evacuation drills held periodically? If necessary, are these drills performed in conjunction with local fire departments?