Rules for Employees That Work at a Daycare Center

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Daycare employees are an important part of many children's lives as they act as pseudo-parents. For this reason, daycare employees need to be held accountable and to high standards and rules. Anyone who's working in a daycare center should be made aware of the expectations prior to being hired, as well as having the rules periodically reviewed to keep them fresh in her mind.

Health Rules

Staying healthy is imperative to keeping a daycare center running smoothly, so some rules for employees should ensure everyone stays healthy. Daycare workers should not come to work with any infectious diseases or when ill to prevent an outbreak from occurring. It's important to wash hands frequently throughout the day to prevent the spread of germs between worker and child. Food should be prepared in a clean kitchen and at the correct temperatures to prevent any food-borne illnesses in the children at the center. Toys should be sterilized and wiped down at the end of each day.

Safety Rules

Daycare employees should be watching their assigned children at all times to prevent injury or other issues. They should periodically check the playground equipment and toys for any loose or broken pieces that could hurt the children. Employees should be sure to explain the safety rules in the morning and before any outings, and review them again at the end of the day with older children. Younger children need to be supervised at all times and taught right from wrong when a mistake occurs. This all falls under the responsibility of the daycare employee.

Policy and Procedure Rules

Daycare employees should be familiar with the policies and procedures of their workplaces, such as times of pickup and drop-off for children, how many workers can safely watch how many children at one time and other important policies that are implemented. Each employee should read these rules and regulations, sign a copy and periodically review the rules for any changes or to keep updated and refreshed. Every employee should have a copy of his child abuse and criminal background checks on file, and these should be renewed at least every two years.

Personal Rules

Daycare employees need to remember they are caring for other people's children in their absence. Appearance and attitude are extremely important when dealing with people and their children. Employees should dress casual and comfortable, but not sloppy. Long hair should be pulled away from the face, especially during food preparation. Employees should have a friendly disposition while at work and should not yell or raise their voices unless absolutely necessary. Employees should conduct themselves with digression outside of work as well.