Rules of Personal Hygiene

Front view of a woman washing her hair

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Personal hygiene is the upkeep of an individuals appearance, cleanliness and general health. It requires a balanced share of washing and grooming, but not in excessive amounts. A few simple rules contribute to help maintain a general healthy hygiene level.


Hair should be washed with warm water and shampooed two to three times a week. It should also be kept trimmed. Get a haircut once a month to avoid unhealthy or scraggly hair.


Every one or two days, the entire body should be washed with soap and warm water. After rinsing the body off, deodorant should be used on the armpits.


Teeth should be brushed once or twice a day with toothpaste. Flossing should also take place once a day, and mouthwash can be used if desired.


Some articles like dress shirts and blouses, jeans, and sweaters may be worn multiple times before washing, but socks and underwear should be washed after a single wear.


After a bowel movement, the anus and surrounding area should be wiped with toilet paper or wet wipes.