Uneven Hair Growth

There are countless factors to consider when dealing with uneven hair growth. Diet, medical and proper hair care concerns are typically at the root of hair growth issues. This condition is quite common. The surest way to ascertain the problem with uneven hair growth is to seek medical attention.


Signs of uneven hair growth is balding or areas in the hair that are not the same length as other areas. Frizz and breakage are also common signs to look for in damaged hair. Men may notice uneven hair growth in facial hair.


An improper diet often is the cause of insufficient hair growth. The hair, just like the rest of the body, needs a nutritious diet to grow and sustain itself. B vitamins, protein, calcium and iron help grow healthy hair. Leafy green vegetables, dried fruit, eggs, cherry juice and beans are good sources of minerals. Fatty, sugary foods should be avoided. Heredity can also be a factor. If relatives have this same condition, it likely is genetic.


Hair that is uneven due to improper care will regain strength after it has been properly handled. More serious issues that relate to heredity are not as easily resolved.


Take proper care of the hair by regularly washing and conditioning it. Understanding hair type is crucial also. Different hair textures require different products to ensure viability.


Consult a hair specialist if all else fails. He may be able to suggest other options such has hair growth formulas or hair transplant surgery.