Milk Protein for Skin Care

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Whether it's a dry face or body, skin in need of gentle and nutritive effects can benefit from milk protein. While it is rich in protein because of its complete amino acid content, milk protein is also non-irritating; this makes it an excellent option for people with particularly dry or sensitive skin.

Milk Protein Benefits in Skin Care

Hydrolized milk protein, which is the common form of milk protein in skin-care products, is classified as being very low in toxin hazards by Environmental Working Group. Milk protein in this form is obtained by either enzyme, acid or hydrolysis and becomes a hydrolysate of milk protein, allowing for maximum absorption. Milk protein is a common ingredient in cleansers, moisturizers, and bath products such as shower gels and soaps. It is also beneficial in products formulated specifically to soothe irritated, dry skin, as it works to hydrate and lock in moisture. While this ingredient is commonly used by those with sensitive skin, many skin types can benefit from milk protein's nourishing and healing properties.