Herbs to Increase Blood Circulation in the Scalp

Increasing circulation to your scalp not only stimulates hair growth, but it also can relieve headaches and skin conditions of the scalp as well as improve memory and mental function. You can apply stimulating herbs directly to your scalp in herbal washes or oils or consume them orally in a medicinal infusion. Talk to your doctor before using any herbal medicines.


This popular herb is part of the stimulating mint family and grows plentifully in the summer months. Basil acts on the circulatory system in a stimulating but gentle way and is rejuvenating for brain and scalp. Take basil infusion or juice with honey before a test to clear your mind and boost memory function. Apply it directly to your scalp to heal infections, recommends "The Yoga of Herbs."

Sage and Rosemary

Rosemary and sage are classic herbs with strong distinctive aromas. Sage is pungent. "Organic Body Care Recipes" recommends verbenone-chemotype rosemary for its pleasant lemony scent. Sage and rosemary hair rinse encourages hair growth while covering gray hair. According to "The Yoga of Herbs," sage clears emotional disturbances and calms the mind.

Calamus Root

According to "The Yoga of Herbs," calamus root is a classic herb for the brain and central nervous system since it increases circulation to the scalp and brain. But don't take it internally. Apply it in a paste directly to your scalp to revitalize your entire nervous system. A little calamus root paste on your forehead will also relieve headaches. Calamus root is contraindicated for anyone with bleeding disorders and is toxic when taken internally.

Chinese Herbs

According to Ayurvedic medicine, bhringaraj and gotu kola are the best herbs for hair growth and mental function. Apply their oils directly to your scalp to encourage thick, healthy, and shiny hair. Bhringaraj will calm a restless mind and help you sleep more soundly, while gotu kola also supports memory and mental function.


Brahmi is an Ayurvedic herb whose name means 'that which gives knowledge of supreme reality', says "The Yoga of Herbs. " Drink brahmi tea or eat fresh brahmi leaves to rebuild brain cells and balance and focus the mind. Brahmi can be hard to get outside of India. So if you can't find it, choose gotu kola as a slightly less powerful substitute.