New Salon Design Regulations in Wisconsin

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The Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing has a board of directors for barbering and cosmetology that regulates how an establishment is designed and operated. Before opening a new shop, there are several things to take into consideration in order to make sure you are in compliance with state laws.

Business License Requirements

Before a new establishment can be opened or transferred to a new owner, a license application must be submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing and approved by the board. Businesses opening or operating without a business license and proper cosmetology certification could result in heavy legal penalties.

Physical Design Requirements

Closed containers must be available for the timely disposal of hair. Metal or plastic containers with lids must be used to dispose of soiled linens. There must be designated areas for equipment storage, cleaning and disinfecting. Poisonous substances stored in public areas must be locked in a cabinet or closet. Cosmetology licenses must be displayed in plain view. Basins with hot and cold running water must be provided for employees to wash their hands between patrons. There must also be a proper chair designed for the service to be provided.

Health Design Requirements

Proper ventilation must be installed and maintained to ensure occupational safety. Pets are not allowed to be kept inside the establishment during business hours. No smoking can be allowed in the building because of flammable products.

Suggested Space Requirements

To pass board inspection, adequate space must be available to accommodate patrons and employees. Design specialists recommend a 32 square foot room for stylists or 6.25 feet by 5 feet per stylist, 24 square feet for a pedicure room or 4 feet by 6 feet per pedicure chair, and an 8 foot by 10 foot room for skin and spa treatments. Aisles should have at least a 3-foot minimum clearance space.