Preschool Teacher Requirements in Indiana

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The restrictions and laws in Indiana pertaining to preschool and child care are intended to ensure the safety of staff and children alike. Aside from having the skill, ability and patience to work with preschoolers, you must also possess educational credentials, health training and other prerequisites, as required by the state of Indiana.

Education and Credential Requirements

In a licensed center, a lead caregiver for a group of children must posses either a current CDA; a bachelor of arts or science in early childhood education or elementary education, with a kindergarten endorsement from an accredited institution; or a bachelor of arts or science with either 15 hours of documented learning on the teaching, care and needs of children age 6 and under, or an associate's degree in early childhood education. A grade average of C or better is necessary to meet educational requirements.

If these qualifications are not met, a lead caregiver must undergo additional yearly training and enroll in one of the above-mentioned courses within one year. Documentation must be shown to prove the lead caregiver in question completes at least six credit hours per year.

Basic First-Aid Training and CPR

All caregivers, including teachers and other staff, must possess basic first-aid training and keep the certification current. The certification expires every three years. The training provided must be consistent with the training provided by the American Red Cross or the National Safety Council for First Aid Training Institute.

The first-aid class must include training on dealing with choking, seizures, head injuries and artificial respiration. This class is often taken in conjunction with a CPR class. CPR certification is required if the teacher will be alone with the children, as at least one staff member in the licensed area must be trained in CPR.

Criminal History Background Check and Health Examination

The Indiana State Police must perform a limited background check on all caregivers. This information will be kept within the teacher's employee files. Prior to working with the children, the preschool teacher must also receive a health examination, also known as a "physical," by a physician or nurse practitioner, plus a tuberculosis test. This information will also be kept in the employee's file.