Bridal Bouquet Etiquette: Who Pays?

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According to the experts at, wedding etiquette has drastically changed since the late '70s or '80s. In the past, the bride’s parents or at least her father, was thought to be responsible for most of the wedding cost. However, as of 2011, it’s not uncommon for couples to shift the burden of the expenses in several directions. When you're deciding who should pay for what wedding expenses, consider the budget of all those who are involved and divvy up expenses properly.


Traditionally, the groom is responsible for buying the bride's bouquet. On the other hand, the bride or her family, traditionally handle the rest of the floral arrangements for the wedding. Depending on how elaborate you wish to get with your bouquet, the cost ranges greatly depending on your location, time of year and design. Most bouquets cost between $50 and $150.

Bride and Groom Pay

Pay for your own wedding expenses. It also isn’t out of the ordinary for couples to handle all of their own wedding expenses together. This usually applies to couples who marry later in life or at least after one or both parties have established careers. When couples are able to shoulder all of the wedding expense, many do. The floral arrangements are far less expensive than more elaborate venues or food cost, so many couples are fine with paying for their own flowers.

Parent Split

Split the cost between the sets of parents. Have the grooms parents pay for the floral arrangements that the groomsmen and groom will be using. For the bride and her maids of honor, ask her parents to foot the bill. In this case, both sets of parents are paying a substantial cost for floral arrangements. Consider splitting the cost for any other floral arrangements, such as those for tables and miscellaneous décor between both sides of parents.

Couple Split

Use a couple pay theme when it comes to the wedding flowers. Arrange for the bride to pay for the groomsmen and the groom's pieces. The groom on the other hand, can then handle the bride's and bridesmaids' flowers. Some couples choose to buy these objects for each other just as a token of generosity. For example, some brides choose to buy the groom's wedding ring and vice versa.