Traditional 62nd Anniversary Gifts

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If you have been invited to a 62nd anniversary party, bring a gift to show the couple your love and affection. Aside from the gift baskets and gift certificates commonly given, you can also give gifts that are personalized and unique. Many online shops offer gifts suited for a 62nd wedding anniversary which you can give to the happy couple.

Personalized Newspaper

Personalizing a gift will add more meaning to it, such as a personalized newspaper which can be ordered online at Personal Headlines. This newspaper page can be entitled “The Anniversary Extra” with a headline saying “62 and Counting: Happy Anniversary Sue and Jim” (or whatever the couple’s names are). The page will look just like a newspaper complete with different news all pertaining to the couple. To make it even more special, you can have it laminated or framed.

Wellness Gifts

Elderly couples who are in their retirement age would welcome a gift that offers relaxation and well-being. Give them a gift certificate for a spa so that they can have a full day of pampering. Book them a couple’s massage where they can be in the room together. Many spas offer this type of massage such as the Red Door Spa by Elizabeth Arden which has numerous locations across the United States. You can go one step further by booking them a healing retreat which can last for three days. These retreats are meant to revitalize and restore well-being. There are also retreats centered on couples which promise to rejuvenate their relationship. Being together for 62 years may take some spark from a relationship and this retreat is one way to bring it back. Either way, choose a retreat that suits their lifestyle and needs.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets may be one of the most common gifts, but you can make it unique by choosing contents that fit the couple’s lifestyle. If they're fond of gardening, you can make a gift basket filled with gardening essentials such as garden gloves, pots, various seeds, gardening magazines and personalized gardening aprons with the couple’s names on them. If the couple enjoy coffee, give them a basket with a coffee maker, personalized mugs, different-flavored coffees, creamer and sugar. You can also complement this basket by adding biscuits which they can enjoy while having coffee. Make sure to include a warm note congratulating them on their 62 years together.

Nostalgic Gift Set

Older couples enjoy reminiscing about the past and marveling on what they have achieved in all these years together. Make them nostalgic by giving them a gift that represents the year they met, they year they got married or the year they were born. If 1949 is a significant year for them, for example, buy them the “1949 Music CD, 1949 Book, 1949 DVD Deluxe Package” from online shop Birthday and Anniversary Gifts. The CD will contain top song hits from that year, and the DVD will contain newsreels of important events during that time. The book will display everything that went on in that year along with photos.