Traditional Hindu Wedding Gifts

Hindu weddings are traditionally lavish affairs, and it may be difficult for someone outside that culture to know what to buy for the bride and groom. If you will be attending a Hindu wedding, keep in mind that most gifts that would be appropriate for a Western wedding are also appropriate for a Hindu one. As long as you avoid cultural taboos, like products made with leather, your gift will be appreciated.


Money is a traditional gift in Hindu culture, whereas it may be seen as tacky at many Western weddings. Choose a dollar amount that suits your budget and also ends in a 1, like $51 or $101, since numbers ending in 1 are auspicious in Hindu culture. Because money is frequently given as a wedding gift, many Indian shops and websites sell envelopes specifically designed with this gift in mind.


Silver is inherently valuable, and gifts in silver can be functional as well. Silver is also considered symbolic of future success, in Hindu culture. Silver jewelry is appropriate if you wish to give a gift to either the bride or the groom, although gifts with both partners in mind may be more significant to the union. Silver household utensils, such as cutlery or serving ware, salt and pepper grinders or barware are all suitable gifts for the Hindu couple. A set of his and hers wristwatches is a nice way to give jewelry for both parties.

Household Goods

Just as in Western weddings, newlyweds in Hindu weddings will need things to help them set up their new home together. Help the couple get their home decorated and functional, and always consider the style and taste of the couple when making your selections. If the couple loves to cook, consider helping them with a kitchen appliance such as a nice food processor, electric mixer or a set of baking dishes. If the couple is fond of hosting guests for lunch or dinner, a tea or coffee service makes a lovely gift that will be useful with company. Rugs, floor cushions, candle holders and wall hangings are also all acceptable gifts, although they may require a more intimate knowledge of the couple’s taste than a small household appliance would.

Gifts That Pamper

You might prefer to buy the couple an experience that they may use after they return from their honeymoon. Consider getting the couple a voucher for a spa day or luxury hotel for them to use after the wedding. Vouchers for a favorite restaurant are nice, as well. The couple will appreciate being able to pamper or splurge on themselves without doing so out-of-pocket when first starting out their life together.