What Is a Bridal Shower Wishing Well?

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A bridal-shower wishing well is a vehicle for wishing the bride and her new partner the best for their future as a married couple. The configuration of the wishing well doesn't matter. Whatever strikes your fancy works, as long as it serves as an appropriate container for the gifts, notes or money guests will put inside of it at the bridal shower.


The bridal-shower wishing well originated as a vessel to hold small household items for the newlyweds. Wishing wells retain their place in today's bridal showers. However, according to Bridal Shower Ideas For You, the "vessel" can be used in any way the hostess chooses, and isn't limited to being a receptacle for household items.

Plan Your Wishing Well

Your bridal shower wishing well can be a small replica of a wishing well, or you can use any object that serves as a receptacle for gifts. Decorate it in keeping with the theme of the rest of the bridal shower, using colors that complement the party decor. When you invite guests, tell them about the theme of the party, if there is one, and inform them there will be a wishing well. For example, you could ask guests to bring gifts for the household, beach items, picnic items, items for the yard, bathroom items or lingerie.

Wishing Well for Written Wishes

You can make the wishing well a receptacle for written wishes or favorite memories of the soon-to-be-married couple. Have the guests jot down these notes beforehand or as soon as they arrive, then toss the notes into the well. A wishing well intended for cards and written messages could be a beautiful basket or decorative box; it doesn't need to be large. If you choose, you can read and display the well wishes, stories, poems and pictures during the party.

Lifestyle Well

A wishing well can reflect the couple's lifestyle and interests. If the new couple adores nature and frequently camps, hikes and canoes, create a small canoe out of paper mache or construction paper to use as the wishing well. Paint the canoe, write the couple's names on the side and add any sort of decoration you wish. Ask guests to provide gift items that the couple can use when they go camping.

Stash the Cash

A wishing well, in whatever incarnation you select, can serve as a receptacle for money and checks. Guests can help to fund the honeymoon or to purchase something special and rather expensive for the new couple. This needs to be decided before the shower and spelled out in the invitation. The guests bring money for this specific purpose to put into the wishing well, and the pooled funds serve as the bride's shower gift. No other gifts are required.