Wording on a Shower Invitation for a Wishing Well

kitchen utensils image by Victor M. from Fotolia.com

Bridal shower invitations can be formal or whimsical, just as the event itself. Informal showers frequently include games and entertainment. Including wishing wells in the festivities is a popular option.

About Wishing Wells

Unlike wishing wells at weddings, which are thinly veiled cash solicitations, those at bridal showers typically ask for a small, inexpensive gift from each guest. Since new brides are frequently lacking kitchen accessories, some wishing well requests ask each guest to bring an unwrapped item such as a spatula, potholder or other kitchen trinket for the well. If the bride has a proclivity for flowers or candles, a small token reflecting these tastes is common.

Formal Wording

Engraved invitations to a bridal shower typically contain formal verbiage. The words "wishing well" are followed by a colon and clearly state the preferred gift. An example is “Mary’s new kitchen has been decorated in taupe and beige tones, with dark hardwood cabinets. Please bring a wishing well gift that enhances this décor.”

Informal Wording

Invitations purchased at a retail store and handwritten generally have an informal message about the wishing well. The invite might simply state “There will be a household gadget wishing well. Please bring your favorite gadget to help Mary out in her new kitchen.”