Themes for a Shower for Foster Parents

Having a shower for a soon-to-be foster parent is much like having a traditional baby shower, except foster parents often are unaware of the age or sex of the foster child until arrival. But like any other parents, they need a lot of supplies and support to help with the adjustment period. Despite the challenges, many shower themes are possible for soon-to-be foster parents that help them prepare for the new foster child.


The foster child may arrive with short notice, giving the foster parents minimal time to prepare. If this is the case and you would like to have a shower before the child's arrival, consider a seasonal theme. For instance, if it is nearing Christmas and all the Christmas decorations are out, use them to decorate the shower. The food may be anything seasonal such as fruitcake, eggnog or glazed ham. While gifts may include practical items such as new linens for the child's bedroom, they could be anything that helps the foster family prepare for its first holiday together, such as a Christmas tree and ornaments.

New Beginnings

If the soon-to-be foster parents are expecting their first foster child, a theme surrounding "new beginnings" might carry a lot of sentiment. The decor might consist of anything that exudes beginnings, such as a rainbow or spring flowers. Little memos of inspiration placed throughout the shower's location provide words of wisdom to the new foster parents as well as offer a bit of emotional support.


A school-themed shower is the perfect way to celebrate a new child into the home and to support the parents with much-needed school supplies. Decor may include items such as apple centerpieces, alphabet trains or a school-bus backdrop. Because the theme is centered on school, consider offering gifts such as a bouquet of crayons, notebooks, recreational reading books and other school supplies. Gifts might even include passes to a local family attraction such as a museum.

Welcome to Parenthood

Standard decorations such as balloons, banners and floral centerpieces work well no matter what age and sex the child is. Since the theme is parenthood, encourage guests to bring gifts they personally found useful as parents. This might include milk, cookie dough and a baking pan for baking up late-night chocolate-chip cookies, or maybe even a first-aid kit.