What to Do for Easter When a Baby Is 7 Months Old?

Baby crawling

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If you want to celebrate the Easter holiday with your baby, but you are not sure what to do, you are in luck. You can do everything that you want or find traditional as long as you are throwing in some variations to suit your needs and the needs of your young baby.

Have Family Come to Your House

Traveling to various family gatherings and dinners is a tradition that many people are used to. If your usual gathering spots are far from home, you may want to consider staying home for the Easter holiday. Instead, offer to be the host for a dinner or party at your home, so you are not stuck traveling long hours with the baby. To help you with the meal, family members each could bring a dish, so you do not have too much to worry about. If family members are traveling from too far away to bring food, they could always help with cleanup since you will be chasing a baby around the house.

Take a Family Photo

The Easter holiday and the fact that your baby is now 7 months old is the perfect reason to get a family photo. There are many affordable photo packages out there, but if you are on a strict budget, you could create your own photos. Have someone take a photo of the family and you can use Photoshop to put a decorative Easter border around the edging of the photo.

Easter Basket

This is the first Easter for your baby, and you want to make sure that it is special and memorable. To do this, you will not want to skip out on the Easter basket. While your baby may be too young for a basket full of chocolates, you can fill it with Easter clothes, toys, educational DVDs and a stuffed bunny. Put your baby next to the Easter basket, and start taking pictures.

Visit the Easter Bunny

Visiting the Easter Bunny is probably something that you have not done since you were a small child. Now that there is a 7-month-old baby in the picture, a trip to the mall and a few moments on the Easter Bunny's lap is precious.

Easter Egg Hunt At Home

A 7-month-old baby would not last a minute among the school-aged children who are running after eggs at the town Easter egg hunt. In order to make sure that your baby has his time to play and hunt out the eggs, you will want to create an egg hunt in your own yard. An adult will have to help the baby find the eggs, but there will still be a lot of excitement in the air. This is the age where babies start to engage in games of hiding. Instead of candy inside the eggs, you could put dollar bills or animal crackers that the baby is allowed to have.