Ideas for a Family Christmas Gathering

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Christmas is a holiday when people sometimes feel the need to bring their family together and share the spirit of the season. A Christmas family gathering is one of those events where life-long memories can be made, so be sure to put some thought into your ideas for a family Christmas gathering and create a memorable family event.

Christmas Specials

A Christmas family gathering will usually include young children, and if the adults want to be able to enjoy the gathering then the children need to have activities to do. One of the things that can keep the kids happy at a Christmas family gathering is to set up a television and DVD player to play cartoon Christmas specials throughout the party. Supply the children with snacks and drinks, and they can watch their favorite Christmas specials together.

Serving Food

When you plan a family Christmas gathering you will need to determine if you will have a sit-down dinner, or if you will offer a buffet-style meal. If you will be having a dozen or more guests, then a buffet meal may be the best approach. Place your buffet table along a back wall in one of the longer rooms to make sure that traffic can easily get around the table. You may want to move the table away from the wall to allow traffic on both sides to speed up service. A sit-down dinner can be done on a table in the middle of a large room.

Family Memories with Photos and Movies

Since it is a family Christmas gathering, there should be some kind of family Christmas memories presentation. You can make color copies of old family Christmas photos, put them on pieces of poster board to create collages and then place them around the party. If you have older family Christmas home movies then have them converted to DVD and show them at the party. You can put a slideshow of the pictures on the DVD as well.