Church Banquet Program Ideas

Church banquets are an excellent way to bring the church community together. Church members get to enjoy time with fellow parishioners, while enjoying a meal together. These banquets are often very formal but they do not have to be. In fact, younger people enjoy more casual church banquets.

Outdoor Banquets

If the weather permits, hold your banquet outdoors. Natural light is refreshing and can help guests feel positive and ready to hear what you have to say. You can grill food outdoors as the guests are arriving, and even allow them to help prepare the food. If you plan an evening banquet, place several large candles on each table to create a warm and close feeling among guests.

Live Music

Music can help liven up any banquet. Since this is a church banquet, it's likely that you will play Christian music. If possible, enlist the help of a contemporary Christian musician who is willing to play for charity. Contemporary Christian music often uses soft vocals and is accompanied by an acoustic guitar. Live music will help keep your guests uplifted and entertained.

Party Favors

Offer guests small party favors. These can be small gift bags that contain greeting cards and perhaps a small, non-expensive gift. Since this is a religious event, you should offer party favors that are religious in nature, such as prayer books or Christian music CDs. Many card stores offer religion-themed cards that can be given on any occasion. Guests will be happy to receive a gift for their attendance, and it will make the event even more memorable.