Things to Do With Your Teen Boyfriend

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When you engage in activities with your boyfriend, your relationship is less likely to become dull and monotonous. Whether you are trying to add excitement to an existing relationship or thinking of ways to have fun with your new teen boyfriend, it is important to engage in activities that enhance the quality of your time together. Select activities that allow you and your boyfriend to have a great time and make you both laugh out loud.


Bowling is an activity where you and your teen boyfriend can unwind in a relaxed setting. Because bowling is a competitive game, couples can have a lot of fun playing together. Make it interesting by having a bowling competition, and make the loser do something romantic for the winner. You do not need to plan in advance to go bowling, so this is an activity that you can engage in at any time.

Amusement Parks

Find an amusement park or water park in your area, and plan an outing there. Amusement parks are fun, entertaining and full of excitement. You and your boyfriend will have plenty of time to walk and talk while having fun. Invite a few teen couples for extra company, or spend the entire day alone with him. Go on scary rides together, eat your favorite junk foods and play games that allow you to win prizes.

Watch Fun Movies

Find movies with actors and actresses that you both find hysterical, and have a movie night. Romantic comedies that involve teenagers are fun to watch. Go to the grocery store and purchase food and snack items. Rent a movie from a local video store, or order one from your cable provider. Ask your parents if you can invite friends over, and have your boyfriend invite a few of his buddies for a fun-filled night of movies with friends.


Rollerblading allows you to have fun at the park while doing something active. You can race each other or simply rollerblade together while holding hands on a beautiful day. Take a blanket and some snacks with you, and have a picnic once you finish skating.