The Top Ten Best Date Ideas for High Schoolers

Leonard Mc Lane/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Coming up with fun, creative dates every weekend isn't easy, particularly if you're in high school. Most high schoolers don't have a lot of money and may not be able to borrow their parents' car. There are, though, ways to have a good time. According to The Teenager's Guide to the Real World, a great date involves activities that are comfortable for both people. Creativity and ingenuity earn extra points.

Classic Dates

A classic date like going to a movie together is a great first date. Let your date choose the movie or put your choices in a hat, then pick one at random. If you live in a large city, look for small theaters that show indie or foreign films. Many city parks and rec departments or museums show free outdoor movies during the summer. Other classic dates include bowling, ice skating, playing miniature golf or visiting an amusement park.

Progressive Dinner

Inviting your date out to dinner is a classic night out. Mix it up by having your appetizers in one restaurant, your main course in another and finally dessert in a third. Similarly, you can enjoy a progressive dinner with a group of friends, going from house to house for each stage of the dinner.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Write a list of things to find and take a picture of, then go on a photo scavenger hunt with a disposable or a digital camera. You can even ask another couple to join you and race them to the finish.

Cheap Shopping

With $5 each, head to the mall and see who can buy the best item in thirty minutes, or shop together for a mutual friend or upcoming event. If you have a little more money in hand, go hunting for the craziest t-shirt in the mall.

A People-Watching Picnic

Prepare a picnic and go to the local park or to the river. Invite friends and make it a group event, if you like. Watch the people walking by and invent stories about their lives, but be respectful and don't make fun of other people.

Explore the City

Climb aboard a bus or train and explore your city or a neighboring town. If you live in a city with unsafe areas, double-check to make sure you don't accidentally end up in one of them.

Ice Cream Art

Sculpt an ice cream statue. Buy two tubs of ice cream, a variety of different toppings like chocolate sauce, sprinkles, peanuts, chocolate chips and candy. Use spoons and knives to carve your block into a work of art. It's very messy, but delicious.

Window Shopping

Go window shopping in the mall or your downtown shopping area. Point out things you like and would love to own one day. You might even pick up a few new ideas for your date's birthday.

Cheap Movie Night

Instead of going to the cinema, have a date night at home. Buy some popcorn and soft drinks, then rent a film from the local video store or check out a movie from the library.

Build A Snowman

During winter you can build a snowman, make snow angels together, or go sledding with friends. Finish the evening with a cup of hot chocolate.