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Skip the movie theater and fast food restaurant the next time you get together with your boyfriend. If the same old routine is getting a little boring, try taking him to a new place for a casual, yet personalized date. Think about what activities you both enjoy, then make it personal by doing things that focus on the two of you as a couple. There are plenty of fun, free and creative places to have the next rendezvous with your boyfriend.

Sports Date Images

Dress with team spirit, and head to a local high school, college or semi-professional sports match. Get into the game spirit with banners, posters or giant foam fingers and props. Learn something new about the game, players or the venue to impress your boyfriend. Participate in the crowd activities such as the wave, the 7th inning stretch, or running the bases with the children after a baseball game. Go to an outdoor sports event when it is chilly, and bring a blanket big enough for two. Share a cozy cuddle, cups of hot cocoa and some nachos.

Free Places for a Date

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Head to the library. Visit the children's section to share childhood favorites with each other, or simply laugh at silly titles. Having to stay quiet in the library will force you to exchange flirty facial expressions. Steal a quick smooch in the abandoned book racks.

Go for a walk. Take a completely new route from your norm, and enjoy the weather. Walk hand in hand and talk about what you see. Discuss the barking dog in someone's yard, and if you've ever had a pet yourself. Comment on the pretty flowers in a yard, and hint at your favorite types. Gossip about the houses, neighborhood or legends of the area. Plan a route that goes near a park. Rest on a bench, steal a quick smooch and let yourself absorb the simple moments.

Technology Date

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Grab the camcorder or digital camera and hit the town. Plan to make a documentary of your town, your friends or your school. Interview people you meet on the street, friends or teachers and ask them all the same set of questions. Compare the variety of answers. Use computer software together to edit the video or photos into a fun collage of insight. Dim the lights, so you can see the computer screen better, and snag a few quick kisses. Share some dinner, laughs and creativity while finalizing the creation. Post the finished work on your favorite social networking site, and enjoy the creation you worked together to make.