About Birthday Toasts


Birthday toasts honor the birthday guest. Toasts are generally given to teenagers or adults celebrating birthdays during a party or dinner. To begin a toast, a prominent guest will call the attention of the other celebrants and announce that he would like to give a toast to the guest of honor. The toast goes on to describe the birthday celebrant's quirks, funny moments and/or sincere attributes.


Birthdays are significant moments in the lives of most people. They represent maturation and growth and are typically celebrated among family and friends. During these celebrations, guests may be compelled to give birthday toasts. Birthday toasts may be remembered on film and video, so it is important for the guest offering the toast to provide a memorable and inoffensive speech.


Birthday toasts may be pre-written or spoken from the heart at the time of the celebration. They often conclude by asking other guests to raise their glasses in honor of the birthday guest. Other features of a birthday toast may include an introduction (if other guests do not necessarily know the speaker) and kind words, funny stories and recollections about the guest of honor. The content of a birthday toast will vary depending on the company and setting.

Time Frame

Birthday toasts can vary in time, lasting only long enough to say a sentence or two (such as "Thank you for coming everyone. Here's to the Birthday Boy!") or may go on for several minutes.


Birthday toasts should honor the person celebrating a birthday in a manner appropriate to the celebrant. Birthday toasts also bring together a group of guests who might not know each other in common celebration and appreciation of the guest of honor.


When giving a birthday toast, it is important to consider the sense of humor and style of the birthday celebrant as well as the others present. Never say anything inappropriate or ultimately embarrassing, and always be mindful of the setting and other guests. You can never go wrong by offering sincerity in a birthday toast.