Ideas for Preparing a Bachelorette Party Toast

A bachelorette party toast is the perfect way to start off a memorable night. Party toasts are very common and a fun way to set the tone for a special event. By following a few tips and speech ideas, you can easily put together a toast to start off the bachelorette party right.

Preparing for Your Bachelorette Speech

Gather a few sheets of notebook paper to brainstorm and write down speech ideas. Use a pencil for creating a rough draft and a good quality pen for finalizing your bachelorette party toast. Buy a package of note cards to construct your final draft of the bachelorette party toast.

Introduction and Tone

Jot down how you know the bride-to-be when you begin your bachelorette party toast. Then introduce yourself because you may not know everyone at the party. Add information on how long you have known her and how the two of you met. Choose a less formal tone for your bachelorette party toast after your introduction. Party toasts are more relaxed and generally include jokes or silly memories. Start off by writing down a funny story about the bride. Keep the speech ideas at a less-crude level and don’t go into overly embarrassing things that have happened to the future bride. You may offend her or others and ruin the bachelorette party fun.

Notable Achievements

Include a few unique facts about the bride for your bachelorette speech. Tell your audience about major accomplishments that she has made in her lifetime. Incorporate any educational degrees, high ranking job positions and other goals that the bride has achieved.

Include Memories

Write down a few special memories you have shared with the future bride. Include exciting stories about trips you have taken together and other happy times. Steer away from sad memories to avoid setting a negative mood for you bachelorette party toast.

Writing an Ending

End your bachelorette party speech by saying some flattering things about the groom. Include notable traits and goals that he has accomplished. End by wishing the bride luck with her marriage.

Finalizing the Bachelorette Party Toast

Use a clock to estimate how long your toast will take. Recite the speech out loud and clock it. Keep the speech under 10 minutes, but more than a couple of minutes long. Read through your rough draft and cross out any speech ideas or information that you think is not worth mentioning if your bachelorette party toast is too long. Write down the speech on the note cards in pen to finish the task.