Creative Maid of Honor Speech Ideas

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Unless you are an active member of the Toastmasters club, writing a speech for the entire room of guests at your best friend's wedding may seem somewhat daunting. Traditional speeches provide the bride and groom with a lovely toast; however, the couple will feel truly honored by a maid of honor who puts time and thought put into a creative speech.


Too many bridesmaids have fallen into the assumption that their speech must be poetic or tearful to create contrast with the best man's speech. If you are an especially humorous person, consider creating a side-splitting speech that the audience will enjoy as much as the best man's. Remember to avoid inappropriate stories, innuendos or inside jokes so that everyone can laugh along with you, not at the bride.

Words of Wisdom

While a quote can convey sentiment in a speech, consider giving words of wisdom for the new couple instead. To make this speech particularly creative, perhaps obtain advice from couples you know who have already celebrated their golden anniversary. If you are especially creative or talented with media technology, consider creating a video montage where couples give advice to the bride and groom, and then say a few sincere words before and after showing it.


If you are better with music than speeches, consider performing for the bride. Avoid performing cliched songs. Instead either write the song yourself or find one that expresses exactly what you would say were you giving a speech. To ensure proper etiquette, perform a song that is less than two minutes in length and arrange the time for this with the DJ in advance.

Visual Aids

If the thought of giving a speech makes you feel awkward or embarrassed, consider using a visual aid during the toast. Construct a scrapbook or storybook if you are planning on sharing a story of how the couple met. Perhaps you have some words of wisdom that could accompany a gift, such as a camera, to remind them to always remember the happy times of their marriage and forget the trivial problems.