Bridal Shower Devotional Ideas

There is no greater joy in a young woman's life then preparing for marriage. From meeting with pastors and parents to planning the big day, every moment is filled with anticipation. A devotional for the bride, presented at her bridal shower is a blessing no bride should be without and none will ever forget.

Useful Scriptures

The Bible is truly a wellspring overflowing with God's promises of love and success in marriage, if believers follow His advice. Choosing which of these scriptures to utilize for the devotional will set the tone for the lesson being presented. If desiring to help the bride understand more about the love that makes a marriage last, consider using I Corinthians 13. If wanting to teach about the actions and attitude expected of a Godly wife, Proverbs 31 is useful. Or, if wanting to remind the bride of the importance of enjoying her husband, Song of Solomon paints the perfect picture of passion. A well-seasoned wife might consider passing on scripture that has meant the most in her personal married life. There truly is power in passing on scripture by which the Holy Spirit has matured and made a Godly woman successful.


A lesson can be better remembered when gift wrapped in a practical application or idea. Consider presenting the bride with a "recipe for a successful marriage" or teaching the bride "how to dress for success when it comes to married life". So long as the message is rooted in scripture, the means of conveying it ought to be a little more fun.


The person who gives the devotional is very important as well. If the bride has a particular mentor or friend who has been of great help in her daily life, consider giving them the honor. Moreover, perhaps the bride could be welcomed into the family through a devotional by her future mother-in-law. Or when all else fails, the bride's own mother is always a winning pick, especially if the bride holds her mother's marriage in high esteem.