How to Show Respect to Your Wife

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You always hear about how much your wife wants your love, your romance and your time. One thing that isn't talked about as often is how much she wants your respect. Your wife wants to feel like she is an important partner to you. She wants to feel that you recognize and appreciate the role that she plays in your life. If you follow these steps to demonstrate respect for your wife on a regular basis, you may notice a change in her attitude toward you. She will likely respect you more for your thoughtful efforts.

Step 1

Greet your wife. It is polite to greet someone when you walk into the room. You may have had a rough day at work, or a long day of errands, but if you greet your wife with a few words, a kiss and a smile when you enter and exit the home, it will mean a lot to her. It is a thoughtful gesture of acknowledgement that she will definitely notice.

Step 2

Keep your word. When you say you are going to do something, follow through, no matter how big or small the task. It doesn't matter if you say you're going to do the dishes or buy her a yacht, keep your word. This shows that you respect her enough to be dependable. This act of respect helps to strengthen her trust in you.

Step 3

Be faithful to your wife. This means physically and emotionally faithful. Many people realize that unfaithfulness is hurtful, but don't realize just how disrespectful it truly is to their mate. Your wife wants to feel that she is the only person you want to be with. You may have straying eyes or thoughts occasionally. You are human. But that doesn't make it OK to ogle other women or flirt with others, whether your wife is present or not. Show your wife respect by controlling yourself and by staying true to your marriage vows.

Step 4

Be present. These days, many people have very busy schedules, making it difficult for husbands and wives to get all the quality time they need. But make sure that when you do get a few moments to be with your wife, you are present and engaged. It's far too easy to let your mind drift to work, the kids, the car that's messing up, the game, or a thousand other topics. Listen to her when she speaks, as you would listen to anyone whom you respect. Add to the conversation; share your thoughts and feelings.

Step 5

Make big decisions together. Do not decide for her and don't feel the need to always take control of the situation, even if you are considered the "leader" of the relationship. In situations that affect your wife and your family, you should include her. This is what partnership is about. Caring about and implementing her opinion is a perfect way to show her that you respect her point of view.