What Are the Duties of the Father of the Groom?

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The parents of the bride play a vital role in planning their daughter's wedding, and traditionally, the father of the groom has had little to do. Times have changed and the father of the groom is becoming a bigger part of the planning and execution of his son's wedding. Some couples choose to include the groom's father in everything from planning the location of the ceremony to checking on the guests' welfare at the wedding reception.

Offer Assistance

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Offer to help with planning, whether it's site planning or travel arrangements for out of town guests. Don't be afraid that you're stepping on toes. It is quite likely that your assistance will be appreciated.

Host Rehearsal Dinner

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The parents of the groom host the rehearsal dinner, which is usually held the night before the wedding. The rehearsal dinner may easily be the most fun, most relaxed part of the wedding. The father of the groom can help make it a positive experience for everyone involved.


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The host of the rehearsal dinner, traditionally the groom's father, will make the first toast to the happy couple. If you're nervous about speaking in public it's fine to plan ahead. You can't go wrong if you speak from your heart as it will mean a great deal to your son and his fiance.

Receiving Line

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If there is a receiving line during the reception you will need to be part of it. greet guests with a smile and thank them for attending the wedding.

Alcohol Watch

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While it's not the most glamorous of duties, the father of the groom insures that guests of the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception drink responsibly. Don't be afraid to close down the bar if too many guests have had enough.

Moral Support

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From talking with your son about his plans to propose to helping him work through his pre-wedding jitters, a father's role is to encourage his son throughout the engagement and marriage process. Your son will have lifelong memories of your support.


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Make it a point to welcome your new daughter-in-law and her family into your family. This kindness will help set the tone for a pleasant relationship.