Baby Shower Napkin Folding Ideas

by Dialogue Queen ; Updated September 28, 2017

Baby-related decorations and accents make a baby shower feel different than any other kind of party, such as a bridal shower. Decorations don't have to be expensive or elaborate. In fact you can do a lot of things with some simple paper or cloth napkins. Folding napkins into baby items is fun and easy to do, and it will be sure to make your guests smile.


Turn the napkins into diapers. Take a square napkin and fold it in half diagonally, so it forms a triangle. With the point facing down and the flat edge on top, fold the point up to the middle of the flat edge. Fold the two sides inward so they meet in the middle. Use a safety pin to pin all three sections together like a diaper pin. You can stuff things into the paper napkin, such as utensils or favors.

Baby Shirt

Make a baby shirt. Take a folded, square napkin and unfold the first layer so you have a long, rectangular napkin. Take the two sides and fold them in toward the center so they meet in the middle. Fold the top two inside corners down halfway so they form a pointed triangular collar. Use some double-sided tape and put a piece under each folded down section to hold it down. Then place double-sided tape along the inside of the bottom to create a pocket fold. Add decorative elements with colored napkins, buttons, paper or other items to give the shirt some personality.


To make a pacifier, start by rolling a napkin into a tight twist. Find the center and pinch one inch of napkin up on each side. Twist this section so it forms a nipple. Wrap a twist-tie around the napkin nipple section. Cut off the ends. Take the other two ends of the napkin and bring them together so they form a circle. Tie these two ends together or use a twist tie to attach them. Use this paper napkin pacifier as a napkin ring.

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