How to Make Bows out of Plastic Bags

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Plastic bags are handed out in most stores with every purchase. While useful when carrying groceries, or as garbage receptacles, there are often more plastic bags in your pantry than you know what to do with. Instead of tossing your surplus bags away, use them to create decorative bows for gift packaging and holiday events. Making bows out of plastic bags is a clever reuse of materials which reduces waste and enhances the appearance of your gift wrap.

Lay your plastic bag on a flat work surface. Use your scissors to cut the bag along its seams. Cut the handles in half at the highest point and follow the same line all the way around the bag. You should now have two flat pieces of plastic, each with a long, thin handle remnant at each side of its top end.

Use your scissors to cut your plastic bag sheets from side to side into strips which measure about 1/2 inch in width.

Pick up all of the plastic strips and hold them in one hand so they all face in the same direction. Bind the strips into a bunch with a twist tie. Place your twist tie at the center point of your plastic strips and wrap the entire tie around the strips. Twist the tie on itself a few times to hold it fast in position. If you do not have a twist tie, or you prefer your bow to made from 100 percent recycled materials, remove two of the plastic strips from your pile and use them to tie the rest of the bunch together.

Use your scissors to cut the wayward and uneven edges of your plastic strips so they all take on a uniform appearance.

Pull the ends of each of your plastic strips upward. Fluff out each piece and slowly your bow will form.