How to Make a Flower Bouquet Out of Pinecones

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Give a flower bouquet that will last forever when it is made from pinecones. Although these inexpensive cones can be purchased from a local crafts store, the gift will have more impact if you picked up the cones yourself as you walked a nature trail. Whether you go with the natural beauty of the cones alone or embellish them for a more personalized appearance, vary the sizes of the cones to create a more natural look.

Remove all bugs from the handpicked pinecones. Put on rubber gloves and spray them with an insect spray. Place picked pinecones into a plastic bag for 24 hours. Blow dry dust and dirt off once you remove the pinecones from the bag.

Cut six large pinecones in half crosswise with a hacksaw. Drill a hole in the center of the bottom half. Insert a bamboo skewer into the hole and add hot glue to the bottom. Set all six aside.

Snap off the tip of six bamboo skewers and hot glue the stick to the bottom of six small pinecones. Wrap floral wire around the lower branches of each pinecone and down the bamboo skewer. Set them aside.

Embellish the pinecones. Paint some of the large pinecones and hot glue a decorative black or crystal button in the center. Add glue to the tips of others and dip them in glitter, while others may remain in their natural form.

Gather all the “flowers” together in one hand. Arrange the positions of the pine cones so that some flowers pop out while others recede. Place a strong tape, such as floral or electrical tape, around the sticks to hold the bouquet together. Snip the ends so the sticks are the same length, preferably shorter than 6-inches.

Turn the bouquet upside down. Place the center of the tissue paper over the ends and pull it down over the sticks. Secure it with an elastic band near the top and the bottom of the sticks. Wrap a decorative 2 ½-inch wide ribbon around the tissue paper working from the bottom to the edge of the flower display and back down. Tie a bow near the top.