How to Make a Sock Aid

legs in colorful socks image by Photosani from

Those who have trouble bending or reaching their feet will benefit from a sock aid. A sock aid is a device that holds a sock open and allows you to pull it onto your foot while seated, without reaching or bending. A variety of different sock aids are available commercially, but they are relatively simple devices to make yourself using a few inexpensive items.

Using a craft knife, cut the top and bottom off the plastic bottle, leaving you with a plastic cylinder.

Draw a vertical line along each side of the plastic cylinder to divide it in half. Cut along these lines with the craft knife. Either discard one of the half-cylinders or keep it to make a second sock aid.

Punch a hole in one of the corners of the plastic half-cylinder, at least 1/2 inch from the edges. The end with the hole is now the top of the sock aid. Punch a second hole in the other top corner.

Apply glue along the under side of the velvet ribbon and wrap it around the edges of the plastic, enclosing the entire perimeter with ribbon. Hold the ribbon in place with binder clips, placed every inch or so around the edges, until the glue dries. The ribbon will protect the skin from the edges of the plastic when the sock aid is used; it will also help hold a sock in place.

Cut the cord into to two 3-foot lengths. Thread the end of one of the cords through one of the holes in the sock aid and knot it to hold the cord in place. Repeat with the other length of cord, threading it through the hole on the other side of the sock aid.