How to Make Shirt Garters

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Shirt garters are a mainstay for certain professions. Police officers and military personnel often wear shirt garters to keep their shirts tucked in on the job. These devices are similar to suspenders but run down the length of the leg rather than the chest. They clip onto the ends of a shirt and the tops of socks to keep shirts tucked firmly in place; they also help to keep your socks pulled up. Since shirt garters aren't always easy to find, making your own will ensure that you can always maintain a professional, tailored look.

Measure the length along the outside of each leg from the bottom of your shirt to the top of your socks. Cut four pieces of elastic to this distance plus a little less than 1/3.

Fold over 1/3 of each length of elastic and thread each length of elastic through the end of a garter clip. Garter clips are available at most fabric and craft stores.

Feed the looped-over end of the elastic through a plastic or metal slide adjuster so that its length can be adjusted. Slide adjusters are available at most fabric or craft stores. Alternatively, take the center prong out of a belt buckle to adapt it into a slide adjuster.

Feed the bottom ends of each length of elastic through another garter clip. Pin them in place.

Test the length. Clip the ends of the shirt garters to the ends of a dress shirt and the top of the socks. Use two garters for each leg. The elastic should be able to stretch tightly enough to hold the shirt down but not so tight that the garters are uncomfortable. Adjust the slide or trim the length of the elastic as necessary.

Stitch the bottom set of garter clips in place. Sew straight across in two lines for reinforcement.