How to Tie Shoelace Belts

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Shoelace belts are a fine alternative for those times when you can't find your belt or if you happen to be out and your belt breaks. These belts can be worn by inserting them through the loops in your pants or as an accessory around the outside of your shirt. The latter option is more common for women. Either way, you wear the shoelace belt, it's tied the same way.

Pick a shoe and unlace the shoelace. Although you could purchase a fresh set of shoelace strings from a convenience store or shoe store, using your own shoelace will likely suffice.

Choose an end of the shoelace and start looping it through your belt loops. Run a hand around your waist to make sure you don't miss any loops. Keep an eye on the other end of the shoelace to ensure it doesn't fall out of any loops as you pull the string through your belt loops.

Pull both ends of the shoelace until you can hold the two ends evenly next to each other. Bring the string in your right hand over then under the string in your left hand.

Pull the two strings tightly away from each other. Pull until you've reached a tightness that you feel comfortable with, but will also keep your pants up.

Holding the string tightly, repeat Step 3 then pull the knot tight.