How to Make a Pull-String Bracelet

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Pull string knots are adjustable knots often created for bracelets or necklaces. The knots are created after other items, such as beads, have been added to satin cords or strands. Creating an adjustable pull string knot as a finishing touch to a bracelet allows users to position the bracelet as they choose. Measure the wearer's wrist to obtain the cord length needed for two separate satin cords. Once the wrist is measured, add 2 inches for pull string knot space.

Cut two satin cords into bracelet lengths needed. If you're unsure about the length, go with 10-inch strands, allowing 8 inches for the bracelet and 2 inches for adjusting the knot to size.

Lay two satin cords down, side by side. Grab an end of one of the cords and double or bend it downward--similar to a long candy cane design--and loop that end around both cords.

Loop the end around both cords two additional times. Pull the strand up through the original loop created in Step 2.

Gently pull both ends of the working cord in opposite directions. Tug until the knot becomes secure. Hold the knot in place with one drop of craft glue or GS-Hypo Cement.

Tug the knot up and down before the glue dries to avoid gluing the knot to the strands. Allow the ends to hang as long as you desire in a tassel fashion.