How to Use a Scarf Ring

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Whether it is made of whisper thin silk or cabled wool, a scarf is one fashion accessory that can make or break a look. One popular way to wear a scarf around the neck is to use a scarf ring to secure it. If money is limited and you really want to experiment with different ways to wear a scarf, a scarf ring is a beautiful embellishment that adds a finishing touch to your daytime or evening looks.

Lay your scarf out flat on a working surface with a corner on the top and bottom.

Fold the top and bottom corners into the center.

Fold the top edge and the bottom edge in to the center again to make it more narrow.

Drape the folded scarf carefully around your neck with the ends at your front.

Slide the scarf ring onto both scarf ends. Slide the scarf ring up to the point where you want to wear it around your neck.

Arrange the scarf so that the scarf ring is securing the scarf and the ends of the scarf are coming out of the bottom of the scarf ring neatly and attractively. Arrange the scarf on the upper side of the scarf ring so it is entering in to the scarf ring neatly also.

Center the scarf and the scarf ring in front of your neck or place it off center to either side.