How to Make Metal Chain Belts

Photo by Ryn Gargulinski

Metal chains make fashionable accessories, and work especially well for belts. Make a customized metal chain belt that suits your personality. It can be big and bold with lots of dangling objects, or sleek and refined with nothing other than a few draped chains.

Measure the chain(s). Use a tape measure to measure your waist where you want the belt to fall. If you want additional chains draping down from the main chain, use 1/2 of your waist measurement plus 2 inches. Add 2 inches to each successive draping chain so it will fall lower than the previous one.

Choose your chain links and clasp. Find a rounded clasp with a retractable opening.

Decide on adornments. Choose charms, jewelry or other adornments that can dangle from your belt. Use small, round jewelry hoops sold at jewelry and craft stores to attach the items. Get one hoop for each adornment and two for each end of your dangling chains.

Cut and attach the chains. Use snips and pliers to size the chains to their proper lengths. Attach your fastener to one end of the main chain and try it on. Make any minor adjustments by snipping and removing extra links. Attach your draping chains; place one jewelry hoop on each end and fasten it to the main chain. Your attachments should start at the sides of your waist. Repeat until all of your chains are attached.

Add any adornments. Unbend the jewelry hoops and thread them through the holes in the adornments. Thread the hoops through the chain links where you want the adornments to fall. Clamp the hoops shut with pliers.